Parting of the Red Sea Craft

So sometimes I check the stats on my blog, just to see if anyone is actually reading it. And there's a "traffic sources" section- and literally every single time I come on the number one blog post viewed is my "Parting of the Red Sea" post that was about an outreach we did in Germantown where we had to make a craft for a ton of kids and teach them a Bible lesson (which is ironic since this blog is about me taking care of my grandmom who has dementia, but whatever!) Now the thing is- I'm really not a teacher/crafty/creative/sundayschoolleader/organized person so by the grace of God I somehow came up with craft out of a few cheap items (I had no budget). The kids seemed to like it and the outreach went really well! So today I noticed that someone had "pinned" my little Moses in the Red Sea picture on Pinterest, and so I decided I might as well dedicate a section to explaining my craft- I mean, it's the simplest craft ever and you can probably figure out how to do it just by looking at the photo, but I figured I'd explain it anyway!

What you'll need:
Blue construction paper (cardstock would probably hold up better if you can find some in bulk cheap)

We for some strange reason had MILLION fish aquarium stickers at my house, and so they were actually the inspiration for this entire craft. Any fish stickers will do... Also glue sticks. multiple. Or try having kids share one...and than regret it.

I googled: Moses clip art and found him here. Paste into MS Word. Make sure there's space blank space above. Print. Cut. Fold. Get crayons to color Moses.
Go to Michael's Craft Store. Use 50% off coupon on craft sand (I think it was in the Wedding section...this one had pretty sparkles in it too!)

Anyway, I had a little video where I fold the blue paper but I can't upload it. I'll try photos... The black lines and letters are added so you actually know where I'm folding.
fold paper in half

Unfold paper and lay flat. (I just added the lines and letters so it's easier to explain.)

Fold line "A" into line "B" (center)

Do the same on the other side.

when both "A" sides are together it should look like this.

unfold. The "B" section is the solid ground where you glue the sand. The "A" section is the water where the fish stickers go.
My 7 year old sister and I folded 100 of these the night before- so it's easy enough for a kid to do, but I would still just recommend pre-folding. Why not?

Finished Product:
And here here it is!
I would basically use this craft to tell the kids the story each time I made it with them, so it was nice for one on one. But it's easy enough for a class project too.